International Collaboration

The Department organized two major international activities in this phase.

Workshop on Analysis of Censored data The Department organized an international workshop on " Analysis of Censored Data" ( December 28,1994 to January 1,1995. It was jointly sponsored by the SA Programme of the UGC, Reliability and Survival Analysis project of CSIR and the National Science Foundation, USA. Around 22 delegates from India, USA, Israel, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Australia and Canada presented their work in the workshop. Professor Hira Lal Koul ( Michigan State University, USA) and Professor Deshpande were Co-Directors of the workshop. Several faculty members of the Department participated in the workshop.

This may be described as the first international workshop organized by the Department. Proceedings of the workshop, edited by Professor Koul and Professor Deshpande, were later published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics(USA) in their Monograph Series.

Workshop on Statistical Ecology

A regional workshop on Statistical Methods for Ecologists was organized by the Department during January 9 - January 21,1995. It was sponsored by UNESCO and UNEP(Nairobi). Professor A.P.Gore was the Director of the Workshop. Biologists and Ecologists from Afghanistan, Bangla Desh, Iran, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as a few Ecologists from India participated in the workshop. Participants were trained in Applied Ecology and Statistical and Computer techniques useful for ecological analysis. Apart from the faculty of the Department, a number of leading ecologists from all over the country were resource persons.

The workshop was a great success . It was the first workshop organized by the Department at the international level.

Collaboration with Leading National Institutes

Indian Statistical Institute :

In 1991, the University of Poona and the Indian Statistical Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate exchange of teaching and research personnel, collaborative research projects and other extension activities like organization of conferences. During this phase, Dr Arup Bose, Dr Probal Chaudhuri, Dr B.K.Sinha, Dr Sushama Bendre, Dr. D. Sengupta from ISI visited this Department. Dr A.P.Gore, Dr Dharmadhikari and Dr Rajarshi visited ISI, Calcutta. Recently, joint research work by Professor J.K.Ghosh, Dr Dharmadhikari and Dr Kuber has been published.

Plans are being made for joint work on modeling in leprosy. This would be carried out in collaboration with Dr. P.P.Majumdar from I.S.I, M.Gupte, Director, Institute for Research in Medical Statistics(Chennai) and A.P.Gore and Mrs. S.A.Paranjpe from the Department.

Besides, Professor Anil Gore and the statistical ecology group has been interacting with researches from the Indian Institute of Sciences(Banglore), University of Agricultural Sciences(GKVK, Banglore), and Wildlife Research Institute ( Dehra Dun).